Workshop: 🍻 Showcases go-starter dev workflow

go-beer-punk-proxy workshop material


An opinionated production-ready SQL-/Swagger-first RESTful JSON API written in Go, highly integrated with VSCode DevContainers by allaboutapps.

go-starter repo

go-starter FAQ


IntegreSQL manages isolated PostgreSQL databases for your integration tests.

IntegreSQL repo


Useful resources to understand the big picture of the Web Team at allaboutapps.

aaa-web-workshops repo

aaa-web-workshops workshop material

2015 - 2019

Base packages to build a Node.js backend at all about apps.

aaa-backend-stack repo

Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2015

A Hazzle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts. Get eot, ttf, svg, woff and woff2 files + CSS snippets.

Angular Frontend and REST service.
Open Source under MIT License.


google-webfonts-helper repo

author's note

Plugins for Metalsmith
Sep. 2014 - Oct. 2014

I've published three plugins for Metalsmith - a static site generator - which I've used to build this site you are seeing here. They are featured on and I've written a note documenting the process of extracting them into seperate packages.

Open Source under MIT License.




author's note

Master Thesis (German)
Master Thesis (German)
May 2013 - Dec. 2013

Title: Physiogame: Leap Motion for exercise therapy
Subtitle: Developing modular JavaScript applications

This thesis pursues multiple objectives and consists of several parts. First of all, motion tracking technologies and the product Leap Motion itself are analyzed. In the next step, the requirements for developing an application for virtual rehabilitation are specified. Then, the thesis discusses how to design modular JS-applications and points out how Physiogame is implemented. Finally, the usability of Physiogame is evaluated with patients and experts and the results are reviewed.

master thesis (PDF)

Jul. 2013 - Dec. 2013

Master thesis project

Physiogame is an application for conducting therapeutic exercises. It uses the Leap Motion controller as its primary input device (playing via mouse/touchscreens is also possible), tracks the progress of its users and provides statistics that can be exported to CSV and JSON.

This JS/HTML5 game is playable in browsers and as standalone desktop application (Win, Mac OS X, Linux).
Open Source under GPL v3.

play Physiogame (HTML5)

physiogame project video

physiogame repo

Prototype: heartbeat-sphero
May 2013

A prototype to test the integration of node-sphero and cocos2d within node-webkit.
Open Source under MIT License.

heartbeat-sphero video

heartbeat-sphero repo

Social Media Marketing (German)
Social Media Marketing (German)
May 2013

Slides from an all-day workshop held together with a fellow student at BFI Graz.

social media marketing slides (PDF)

Universalmuseum Joanneum (UMJ)
Universalmuseum Joanneum (UMJ)
Sep. 2012 - Apr. 2013

Software for permanent exhibition at Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH, Graz, Austria. In cooperation with the Digital Media Technologies department at FH JOANNEUM, Graz, Austria.

Planned a core framework, implemented 20 interactive exhibits, held workshops and assisted at deployment.

UMJ video (final project check)

UMJ core framework documentation

UMJ video (2nd project check)

UMJ video (3rd party: overview)

UMJ video (3rd-party: special exhibits)

Shell (UMJ Tech demo)
Shell (UMJ Tech demo)
Nov. 2012

Tech demo of an exhibit for Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH, Graz, Austria.

The goal was to benchmark the runtime generation performance of a textured 3D model in Flash (Away3D).

start demo (requires flash)

Nov. 2011 - Sep. 2012

Wipe Information SPace
Integrated Information Management master project

A gesture controlled information system that provides a unique and intuitive way for the presentation of information on potentially small places and a playful approach to control external systems. Integrates Microsoft's Kinect and uses Märklin's CAN protocoll.

start WISP (requires flash)

WISP project video

video (3rd-party)

WLAN Security Revisited
Jun. 2012

Support video for a paper.
Rogue AP, Deauthentication Attack and Portal via PwnSTAR in 2 Minutes

Creating a Rogue Access Point with redirecting web portal and hijacking open wifi users via de-authentication attack.

WLAN attack project video

AKIM (German)
AKIM (German)
Aug. 2011

Title: Mobile Devices
Subtitle: Good, Bad & Ugly / Heuristics

The aim of this paper is to create an usability-checklist, which is focused on the characteristics of mobile applications for touch devices.

paper (PDF)

Bachelor Thesis 2 (German)
Bachelor Thesis 2 (German)
May 2011

Title: Lower-CASE
Subtitle: Evaluation of Database CASE-Tools for teaching at a graduate level

Conduction an evaluation to gather the optimal database Lower-CASE tool, which can be used for teaching database technologies at the FH JOANNEUM.

bachelor thesis 2 (PDF)

Bachelor Thesis 1 (German)
Bachelor Thesis 1 (German)
Sep. 2010

Title: iPhone Development Tools
Subtitle: Analysis of development tools for the Apple iPhone

The aim of this work is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of selected IDEs, which enable to develop applications for the Apple iPhone. Alternative development tools should be found and a structured overview should be prepared.

bachelor thesis 1 (PDF)

Gravity Ball
Feb. 2010

Information Management bachelor project

A maze game that featured its own custom-build controller (Arduino and tilt sensors).

play Gravity Ball (requires flash)